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Learn from the creator of the fundamental theories of Modern Administration

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As important as WHAT you learn is WHO you learn from

In this rare record, Peter Drucker, the most influential of modern management thinkers, dives into his work, reconstructing the processes that led to à elaboration of some of his main works. This Master Class is one of the last records of the thinker, who died in November 2005.

Fundamental theories

Learn directly from the creator the scientific basis of Modern Administration and immerse yourself in the ideas that still influence the most successful companies in the world

Emblematic cases

Discover Drucker's own version of classic cases that are still studied in business schools today and were experienced closely by him, as a consultant

Rare record

This film is one of Peter Drucker's last records and puts the thinker's vision on the table in a unique way, as is not found in the books.
The seemingly less relevant decisions are of extreme importance to a knowledge-based company.
Peter Drucker

What are you
going to watch?

Peter Drucker

Travel with Drucker himself through the processes that led to the development of some of his major works and more:

  • Details never explored in books
  • Drucker's experience as an independent consultant
  • Your arm wrestling with General Motors management
  • Reflections on People Management, Leadership, Process Management and Strategy

Essential knowledge,
regardless of the stage of your career

All theories that support modern Leadership studies pass at some point in the work of Drucker or were inspired by it. In this master class, you who are a leader or want to lead have the unique opportunity to learn the fundamental pillars from the creator himself
Also known as the greatest consultant of all time, Drucker shares in this master class emblematic moments of his trajectory, talks about the consultant's role in organizations and discusses his work method
This master class provides a rich and in-depth overview of how Drucker has brought theory and practice together throughout his life and will help you, the student, march to market with a solid bag of knowledge.


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